What Is This?

Listen4Insight is dedicated to spreading ideas of creativity, innovation, and transformational leadership from diverse minds through podcasts. Our goal is to create interviews that allow for anyone to hear from corporate leaders, entertainers, academia, politicians, and everything in between. Listen4Insight is a place to listen to their experiences and learnings on these topics in one location. We hope to offer listeners the chance to be part of this conversation and to learn more about how these ideas can push society forward.

Why Are We Doing This?

Listen4Insight is confident that creativity, innovation, and leadership can be used by all people in their careers and everyday life. With a strong foundation, the advancement of technology, healthcare, business, and more is inevitable. The best way to improve the use of these ideas is by getting advice and insight from current masters of them in the real world.

Who Is Supporting Us?

We are excited to share that we were selected to be recipients of The P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. Their support has allowed us to produce high-quality podcasts and further share insight into creativity and innovation.