Learnings From Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute

Devante "Tay" Johnson

Devante Anthony Johnson is an alumnus of The Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute Cohort 3. While in school, he pursued an Engineering Management Electronics and Computing degree with a minor in Electrical Engineering. Born in Dayton, OH, he has had an amazing journey growing up in a small home in a vehement neighborhood which laid the catalyst for his excellent scholastic performance in high school to receive full scholarship to attend Miami. His experience at Miami has molded him into a versatile leader both in his profession, and his community. By developing a social conscience of what he wants to make out of his life, he has discovered an important truth: that life is not only to exist, but to also make an impact and develop a brand for yourself. Now 22 years old, he has experienced much about the world and his position in it, but he understands there is more to discover. As an alumnus of the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute, he is now discovering the pathway that was created through his involvement that has contributed to his growth as a leader. He understands there will be challenges to face, but he believes it is important to accept these challenges that life will present. As he has stated, “These challenges only develop the best in us, and through the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute, the tools to build upon these challenges are available to establish progression”.

Learnings From Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute

Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute Graduate

Tay Johnson, an upcoming graduate of Miami University, speaks about transformational leadership and the experiences he has had through the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute.

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